9 Dancers
1h40 including intermission

Choreography | Samuel Murez, Raul Zeummes
Music | Johannes Brahms after Niccòlo Paganini, Jacques Brel & Jean Corti, Franz Liszt after Giacomo Meyerbeer, The Misters, Siegfried de Turckheim, T.A. Vitali, Thom Willems
Lighting & Sound | James Angot & Jérôme Malapert

"Disorders" is the troupe's flagship program, which received
overwhelming acclaim during the group's first North American tour in summer 2011. Featuring works by Ben van Cauwenbergh, Samuel Murez and Raul Zeummes, "Disorders" reinterprets the gala form through an imaginative staging that weaves ten short and brilliant pieces into a coherent whole. Linked motifs, recurring characters, and overarching themes progressively reveal a clever underlying structure in this unclassifiable mix of dance, cinema, mime and theater that is the hallmark of director Samuel Murez.

3e étage has always explored the various facets of virtuosity, whether in an academic Petipa ballet or a deconstructionist Forsythe work, and in this surprising performance that includes creations as well as reprises, virtuosity is as present as ever, constantly put to new uses and taking new forms. Part bravura display, part theatrical creation, always on edge, "Disorders" achieves a precarious balance between humor and seriousness, convention and transgression, order and madness.